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Possible to add a comments section to pages with PHP
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Possible to add a comments section to pages with PHP 12-19-2017, 10:49 AM    #1

    I'm a reasonable experienced coder for general languages like C/C++, BUT still pretty new to PHP, and unfortunately pretty lacking in database work. (I've done a few pretty decent mail forms for my various sites, and thats about it). For my "next trick" I'd like to be able to add the equivalent of a moderated "comments" area to various articles I write on my pages. Bear in mind none of my sites or pages are anything more than simple HTML/CSS, and have no CMS infrastructure like wordpress. But as with mailforms, I learned a great deal looking at examples. Maybe some of you can point me to some generic examples for something like this? I've never used MySQL or any database for that matter on a direct coding level, so I'm tempted to cop out and just build a simple text based flat file organized like a table, but something tells me I'd be re-inventing a lot of wheels. Perhaps with some examples I could pull this off?
Please help.
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